image: Ashley Slater Photography

image: Ashley Slater Photography

We are designers at heart. We love all things stylish. 

Our goal is to simply keep living  life with style, and help others do the same. 

Style, to everyone, is inherently different. We want to help anyone and everyone live their lives in their own personal style, and to be happy and healthy. Easy enough, right?! :) 

We believe that we can all approach life and business, with full intention. Intention and attention to detail are what we live for. How can we help you see your life & business in a more stylish way?  

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More About Kara:
Kara is a San Francisco Bay Area based freelance stylist and creative consultant working across a range of mediums in product presentation, lifestyle and fashion, product flat-lays, and interior decor. 

Graduating from Santa Clara University with a bachelor degree in Fine Art,  Kara has worked with photographers, marketing agencies and leading brands.  She has contributed to national and international publications. 

Well known for her clean and unique approach to flat-lay styling, her creative approach and product understanding enables her to deliver projects that create and enhance unique aspects of product and designs.

Kara’s ability to create and deliver  beautifully styled images for all clients (and even her own personal use!) is a testament to her eye for detail and dedication.
She is sought out by a wide range of clients who appreciate her creative approach, keen eye for style and color, experience, and her down to earth manner in business.